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What if you woke up one fine morning with infinite strength and inexhaustible energy? How would that feel? Amazing? Now, picture yourself staying that way for the rest of the month? Would nourishing foods and nutrient-filled beverages still matter at this point? No. We don’t think so. Food and drinks would not be a necessity. And that would be splendid, no doubt.

But, as impressive as this sounds, considering our natural human body makeup, this is just a dream. It is little wonder Zeus, the Greek god, remains a myth to this very day! From the biological point of view, human beings are prone to tiredness and fatigue in the course of their daily activities. Therefore, it is normal for you to deplete your daily reserve of strength as you go about making your daily bread.

Now, it doesn’t matter who gets the most significant chunk out of that bread (assuming you have lovely dependents you speak for). What matters is being able to get up daily and make that bread all over again, as many times as you want.

It is also worthy to note that sometimes it’s not just a matter of a daily peak and dip in energy. Sometimes, you may have been going hard with your work without realizing it, which may push you dangerously close to burn-out. Whatever you do, you need to know how to get the most out of the day by knowing the best dietary methods to reboot your body.

But is a renewal of energy and body strength all there is to re-energize your body with good diets comprising nourishing meals and vitamin-fortified drinks?

No. And here’s why:

Typically, a diet that reactivates you and replenishes your body with energy and vitality lost during your day using the nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants present in the foods you eat. This essentially revitalizes and supports your body, including several internal organs needed for life. This helps your body on a more cellular level. A tremendous dietary reboot aids the replacement of the cells of the body’s organs at their appropriate time. 

So how do you go about it? 

What are the things that are potentially good enough to give you the result you need? Here are those things you can do, and they are guaranteed to reboot and revitalize your body system in no particular order of importance:

  1. Water. Are you surprised? Yes. We know that water is one class of food that must be part of every diet. There is no need to emphasise its importance because no other beverage replaces it on the food table. The human body contains about 60% water, though this is less for women, about 55% because their bodies have more fat (Body fat holds less water than lean tissue). 

Furthermore, on a cellular level, about two-thirds of body water is contained in the cells. So what does this mean? It’s simple. When you take water, it rejuvenates your body cells, getting them ready for the day. Also, taking in water increases body metabolism. So whatever you eat, you can never do without this nutrient called water.

  1.  A balanced diet is at the centre of your rejuvenation. The idea is to bring your body back from a state of lethargy to a state where you’re almost bubbling with energy. And carbs are a potential storehouse for revitalising the body with energy. Examples of these good carbohydrate sources are:
  • vegetables (all types) 
  • Tubers like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, etc
  • Whole grains like oats, brown rice and white rice e.t.c. 
  • Nuts include hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts etc.
  1.  Fruits. No surprise here. Fruits pack an incredible punch in minerals, antioxidants, and powerful phytochemicals needed by the body. A diet is incomplete without some fruits thrown in. No matter which fruit you choose, you get energy from the carbs, minerals, and vitamins it has. For example, stock up on pineapple, and you’re sure of a load of magnesium and digestive enzymes. And watermelon? It boasts a healthy dose of the carotenoid antioxidant lycopene.

Here’s a note of caution concerning the carb foods you settle for, though. Although most carb foods are excellent energy sources, some of them are required to be taken in moderation. Take sweet potatoes, for instance. 

Sweet potatoes are very rich in nutrients, besides containing carbohydrates. But some varieties jack up your blood sugar levels quickly on hitting your bloodstream. This is because of their high Glycemic Index (GI), a ranking system for foods containing carbohydrates. It’s simply a measure of the rise in blood sugar after you eat any food. One way to beat this is always to choose the boiling mode of cooking for potatoes. And eat in moderation. The carbs, nutrients, and minerals they contain supplement the nutrients released from the foods in your diet. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to lessen some of these foods in relation to the other foods in your diet for the day. To achieve this to a fair degree, you could throw in smoothies that balance the fruits you desire. Some ready-made smoothie products are available in grocery stores, saving you from the hassle of making one. Boomsky Smoothies are great smoothie products we can speak for.

Inexhaustible energy is out of your reach, yes, but now you know what to do to reboot your body any time you want.

  1.  Breathe: We all have a busy life, and we are constantly bombarded with deadlines we need to meet, but when was the last time you took a breath and enjoyed the surrounding air?

Believe me; the fresh air will do you a lot of good. It might come as a bit of a stroll in the park and spending time with nature. Studies have found that spending time with nature does a lot of good with our mental health, so when next you feel the world is falling around you, remember the solution to reboot and rejuvenate is just a breath away.

  1.   Get rid of the excess weight: Many of us struggle with our weight. It might be a little flab on our body or a considerable number on the scale, but whatever the case might be, we encourage lifestyle changes that will lead to an ideal weight. Working out creates the perfect conditions for full-body circulation and sweat since exercising increases the oxygen levels in our cells.

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