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Smoothies or Green Tea? Which tickles your fancy?

Ever been asked funny behavioural questions like, ‘Do you study with your feet firmly planted on the ground or are you the feet-on-the-wall type?’ 

Or lifestyle questions like, ‘Are you the drink-straight-from-the-bottle type of person or the type who takes pleasure in sipping from a mug?’

More often than not, we are asked questions like the above, usually to know which side we belong. It is common knowledge that you cannot love everything in life. No matter how much you love the serene atmosphere at the top of a hypothetical fence, you cannot remain on that fence when things that pull your heartstrings are up for discussion. Eventually, you just have to hop off the fence in solidarity for what you love. When that time comes by, usually unexpectedly, you don’t wait to be told: you just pick sides. 


We live in a world of preferences. No matter who you are, there must be something at the top of your favorite list of things. It might be a favorite university, city, food or even a favourite online grocery store. Coming down to what nourishes our bodies, you undoubtedly have favorite foods that you live for. And if that’s the case, we can conclude that you’ve got preferred drinks or fruit 

juices that you never go a day without. That doesn’t mean you are out of control, even though moderation is key where some drinks are concerned. We just choose to believe that you love what you love. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

As a result of personal preferences, there are a hundred and one drinks that many people all over the world love and guzzle daily. But for the sake of this post, we are only going to consider two very popular global beverages: Smoothies and Green Tea. It’s pretty easy to see why these two drinks are pretty popular: their health value goes through the roof. But how does their nourishing goodness differ? Care to know? Then let’s dive in.

Green Tea

Made from the leaves of a tea plant, Camellia sinensis, cultivated in Japan and China, this tea is nothing short of legendary. This is particularly because of its immense benefits. ‘Is this not just green tea?’, you might wonder. ‘Abeg this hype is unnecessary!’, you might say.

But do you know that green tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal wounds and control bleeding? Yes, you read that right. Thanks to a natural chemical in the tea called Tannins, thought to promote blood clotting. For folks wondering why green tea has a bitter flavour, tannins are the culprit. Asides from this wonderful benefit, green tea brings to the table. What other benefits make green tea lovers go gaga? Here you go:

  • Green tea contains antioxidants which help to prevent or slow down damage to your body cells by free radicals (unstable molecules produced by the body in reaction to environmental or circumstantial pressures.
  • It boosts brain function
  • It may help prevent bad breath 
  • It may help prevent some certain cancers and type-2 diabetes.
  • It may help you lose weight

With that last point, we’ve probably won some good people over to the green tea side of life. Which is a normal thing. We all want to feel good about our bodies and have great self-esteem. And you probably think Green Tea is a one-size-fits-all beverage with super-power-like qualities. Don’t give up on Smoothies just yet. You might be in for a surprise.


Smoothies are basically just fruits. They can come as one fruity blend or as several fruits blended together for a unique taste. So, we’ve got a drink in our hands whose entire essence is all fruit and nothing more. But is that all there is to smoothies? 


Fruits are a natural storehouse for vitamins and minerals, including fiber and antioxidants, needed by the human body for proper growth and vitality. Every fruit comes with its own flavour and taste. And for each fruit in consideration, there’s a particular vitamin and mineral it contains in abundance. Take a cucumber, for example. 

Cucumbers are sometimes underestimated, probably because of their bland taste. A mistake, as a matter of fact. It is a known fact that low calories and high water content in cucumbers are two potent ingredients for weight loss. Besides the above, contained in the watery essence of a typical green cucumber are antioxidants (flavonoids and tannins) which help to prevent free radicals. 

Just like our green tea above. 

Now, set your imagination free for a minute and visualize a blend of cucumber and pineapple, the rich goodness you stand to gain from its intake. Smooth and nourishing, don’t you agree?

So, we go right back to the beginning. Smoothies or Green Tea. Which of these tickles your fancy? We believe it doesn’t matter which one you pick. Either way, you’re guaranteed a daily load of goodness so enriching that your body will always be full of thanks. But why stick with one when you can have both?

You can always have your dose of green tea whenever you feel like it, and as well have your smoothies however you like it. You can always make your blend of fruits by yourself, but there are wonderful smoothies out there, great products like Boomsky Smoothies, that will give you the same satisfaction as your home-blended fruits even more. We said it once before. But we don’t mind saying it again: why stick with one when you can have both?

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