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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is 100% natural. It comprises pure fruits with no additives or preservatives and even a drop of water.

Yes, children can take all our juices and smoothies. They can also take the ones with ginger.
Your juice or smoothie must be refrigerated to keep it fresh.
It can stay for 5 days in a chilling fridge that is properly closed and not frequently opened to remain chilled. Please note that the fridge must be constantly powered throughout this period.
It is preferable in the freezer. Here it can stay for over one month. Please note that once you bring them out, and they defrost, they should be consumed immediately and never kept back in the freezer.
The drink has no form of preservatives or additives. They are only stored in a freezer or chiller to remain fresh.
We have 11 flavours
Yes, it is suitable for pregnant women.
The delivery is done within 24hrs. It can be as quick as 2hrs and as long as 24hrs depending on the time the order was placed on the website.
All our smoothies and juices are freshly produced daily. We do not deliver frozen smoothies and juices.
We can serve in either glasses garnished with fresh fruits or we serve in bottles. It is also possible that for the same event you order both options, it is your preference. You can be sure you are getting Boomsky Smoothies in either option.


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