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The surest way to kick-start your day

The start of a new day is very crucial. Why? Because when the day ends, there is nothing as rewarding as having all your goals achieved, forging new work relationships, making beautiful memories, and you would love nothing more than to be at peace with the way the day turned out. 

This explains why different folks have different strokes of early morning ritual: a short run on the treadmill for some, a slew of stretching exercises for others, a quick swim for some more adventurous folks, while for some ‘special’ individuals who cannot kill themselves, just a cup healthy, nutritious drink to start the day on the right note may suffice. This is undoubtedly geared towards starting the morning with a great mood and mindset. This is very important because the mood you start your morning with sets the tone for that day’s achievements, whether big or small. 

Whatever category you fall under from above, especially our ‘special’ people who love to ‘chop’ life, we believe you would want to take charge of your day in the most stress-free way possible. Of course, you know how a typical day in your work life unfolds, depending on what puts food and drink on your table. No matter what you do, what you don’t want to feel on that day is loss of concentration, which causes a weak grasp of the day’s goals, and crankiness, which can result from tiredness during the day, partly due to you not starting the day on a right note. So here are three ways to kick-start your day:

Taking a cup of coffee

Taking a little dose of the brown or black liquid early in the morning is not a bad way to kick-start your morning, as coffee gives you increased alertness upon intake. What you really owe your thanks to is the caffeine in it. This handles the alertness that helps you plan rapidly when up and about. 

Taking a cup of green tea

Just like coffee, green tea contains caffeine which helps to boost your alertness and concentration. Besides the above, the antioxidants found in green tea, substances that slow or prevent damage to cells by free radicals, help to protect your brain from mental decline. So if you’re not a coffee fan, surely a cup of green tea might tickle your fancy

Going down the traditional fruity route

Show us a person who detests fruits and we will show you somebody from Mars! That’s right. Because whoever detests fruit is not from planet Earth. There are so many benefits to reap from fruit intake that we don’t even know where to begin. Take an orange, for example. It is common knowledge that this yellow, juicy fruit contains vitamin C, which is important for brain health. What you may not know is that a high level of vitamin C in the blood causes a noticeable improvement in those tasks that require focus and attention. You can also throw ‘improved decision-making’ into that mix. And this is exactly what you need to start off on the right note for the day. For more nutrients and vitamins, you can take fresh fruits. 

If out of the three choices stated above, you decide to go down Fruity Avenue, that’s wonderful and this is the surest way. You want to kick-start your day beautifully, and we want to help you achieve that with little fuss. Taking one fruit after another might not be that much of a fuss, but when time is of the essence, a blend of two fruits as a smoothie might not be a bad idea. If it is a product, that’s even better. And there’s no better product out there than Boomsky Smoothies.

 Boomsky Smoothies is a drink made from a blend of fresh fruits, a drink filled with nutrition, and very delicious. It’s a natural blend of fruits. It comes in an array of variants. And you know what? There’s a specific orange variant that’s just right for you. 

But if you feel the need for the taste of a unique blend, we’ve got the pineapple and ginger variant, pineapple and cucumber variant. There’s banana, watermelon and pineapple flavour or the banana and coconut milk flavour with the consistency of a milkshake, smooth in the mouth, rich for the body, potent enough to make you feel good before you charge into your day proper. Let nothing stop you from taking charge of your day. With Boomsky smoothies, daily fulfillment is always assured.


Seyi Obalalu

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