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Being able to eat whatever you want is the most delicate part of being an adult. However, the secret is, it’s now time to feed your body with the proper nutrients. It’s possible you still feel and look as fit as you were in your teen years, but maintaining a healthy body is more challenging as we age, and it goes beyond looks. We need to be intentional about what we feed our bodies.

Many human beings eat tons of sugar, fat and salt, which our body naturally craves because of the way our brains are wired. Let’s say, one blissful night after an enjoyable dinner of a tasty meal, fit for a king, and a fizzy drink to wind down. You fell asleep, only to appear in dreamland to see a nutritionist looking at an obese version of you with an intense, disapproving stare. Alarming, right? You wake up in the morning, disoriented. ‘Why in the world was I dreaming of a stranger?’ you might say. ‘And why was I looking like that?’ you might add? You were bothered, naturally. Of all reasons for this dream, we choose to believe it can only mean one thing: you have unhealthy eating habits!

 We are not trying to encourage any addiction here, but we understand. There is a lure to sugar that is almost irresistible. You just want to dig in and binge, and that’s fine. The fact is, you’re not alone. This very minute, certain Sarah is probably on her way back to the grocery store to pick up her favourite calorie-loaded fruit juice, which she forgot to buy on her first foray into the store. Or a Mike, who cannot last a day without getting his buzz from his favourite energy drink, is getting up right now to get his fix. 

We all have our cravings for something sweet, only that it comes in different forms. So the next time you face a sugary temptation, are you going to look away? We guess you will, but for how long will you look away? Your looking away may not so much be because of your nutritionist’s opposing stare in that dream, but we can still sprinkle in a few condiments of guesses, anyway. You certainly don’t want an obese version of you.

Here is what we think:

Everybody loves sugar. You just have to pick the form in which your ‘poison’ comes. Whatever it is, pastries, confectioneries, cakes, junk food, etc. We have a pretty good idea of its long-term effects. And you do, too. Let’s start from the heart. That pumping machine you have inside of your chest has a doubled risk of being diseased if you load up on sugar. By the way, the kidneys and liver are not left out of the damage.

Your organs are not the only thing to worry about, where your weight is concerned; it doesn’t matter how slim or thick you are. All that matters is healthy living. But people desire what they desire, in terms of body figure. And we have people who would not kill for an hourglass figure but would do anything else for one. And what about those who are plus-size but comfortable in their skin? They would want to keep it that way; no loose flap of skin where it’s not needed. Eating healthy foods and drinking natural fruit smoothies and juices would do the magic, wouldn’t they?

Should we get started on ailments like diabetes, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, to mention a few? All these are, one way or the other, linked to sugar intake. And when these nasty sicknesses befall the body, they would waste no time in taking a precious life away if nothing is done fast. With all these problems to worry about, water seems to be the best bet. And it is. But when you want a rich, nutritious alternative, no other drinks can cut it, as they are laden with sugar and other constituents unhelpful to your body’s need for growth and general repair. But there is a rich, fruity alternative you need not look away from.
A smoothie’s health benefits depend on its ingredients. Boomsky Smoothies is NAFDAC-Certified, made from a blend of fresh fruits, a drink filled with nutrition, and very delicious. It’s a natural blend of fruits; you’re getting all the nutrients and minerals your body needs straight from the source. Now you can have a drink to which you can always go back again and again. If by any chance you see your nutritionist in dreamland, this time around, you’re going to get a nod of approval, we assure you.


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