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Groom Beautiful Voluminous Hair With Your Diet Using Fruits

How do you get that long thick mane you’ve dreamed of? Do you have to spend a lot on hair products, or do you need to visit the most renowned hair stylist in your city? Or could the secret be as simple as adding more fruits to your diet? 

Eating the right nutrients will improve the body’s health and promote better skin and hair growth. Although using the right hair products like shampoo and conditioners helps grow healthy hair, nothing facilitates hair growth more than a healthy and nutritious diet and lifestyle. 

One of the essential foods that improve the health of the hair is fruits. 

Despite being sweet and yummy, fruits are also packed with several vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins essential for healthy, strong, and shiny hair growth.

There are many causes of hair fall, like scalp infection, genetics, dandruff, oxidative stress, and deficiency in essential nutrients. Fruits are rich in many vitamins and minerals that benefit the hair. Fruits rich in antioxidants are very effective in reducing oxidative damage.’

Many fruits help grow healthy hair by improving the health of the scalp and hair shafts. They also improve blood circulation in the scalp, which will, in turn, help in the growth of a natural and strong mane.  

Fruits and Hair Growth: What is the Connection?

A simple yet great way to ensure the hair gets all the nutrients required is by consuming or using fruits. They are rich in many vitamins and minerals like; Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.  

Some fruits help prevent hair loss, while others stimulate hair growth and make the hair long, strong and glossy.

 It is very important to understand the beneficial nutrients in each food and how they can be utilised to promote hair growth or prevent hair loss. 

Dull and frazzled hair is a common problem among many people. Many factors contribute to this, such as stress, environmental influence, hereditary, underlying medical conditions, age, and harmful chemicals. Many dreams of getting back their smooth, shiny, and voluminous hair, but instead of using fruits, they use hot styling tools, harsh chemicals, and colours that lead to hair loss and breakage. 

Introducing fruits into your daily meal or using them topically can make a great change in the health of your hair. Below are some fruits that can aid healthy growth and prevent breakage. 


Bananas are a potassium-rich fruit that can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It is rich in vitamin B, prevents split ends and hair breakage and improves the overall health of the scalp.

Bananas also fix damages caused by pollution, dust, and sun exposure. They are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and biotin that helps in giving soft and voluminous hair. 

Bananas also have other benefits like preventing iron deficiency, aiding digestion, treating gastrointestinal issues, being good for the skin and heart, and lowering blood pressure. 

Before working out, you can have a big ripe banana early in the morning and make a banana milkshake, smoothie, or salad. 


Orange has great antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is also rich in vitamin C, B6, magnesium, and potassium. 

A vitamin C deficiency can cause hair brittleness and breakage,  as it is essential to produce collagen, a protein that strengthens the hair. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals produced from oxidative stress, prevents greying of hair, and increases hair growth. 

Oranges also aid blood circulation across the scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair growth. 

The vitamin C-rich fruit also boosts the immune system, protects the body’s cells from damage, aids in iron absorption, and promotes collagen production. Oranges are readily available and affordable. They can be made and served as frizzled smoothies or juices as well.


Pineapple is a tropical fruit that’s commonly known for its health benefits. Eating fruit also makes your hair shiny and soft. 

The tropical fruit contains vitamins C, B, and calcium. 

Deficiency in some of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss. 

Pineapple is rich in beta-carotene, which, as stated in our previous article, is being converted into vitamin A. This is a nutrient essential for promoting hair growth and maintaining scalp health. It also contains important enzymes that deliver nutrients to hair follicles, enriching and nourishing them. The fruit also helps increase hair elasticity and restore damaged and frazzled hair. 

Other health benefits of pineapple include that it aids digestion, eases symptoms of arthritis, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, reduces the risk of cancer, and has high antioxidant properties. Pineapples can be eaten as desserts or served as frizzled smoothies

Final Thoughts

An easy yet effective way to improve your hair health is by adding fruits to your diet. Most of these hair growth fruits are rich in antioxidant properties contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals that nourish the scalp, and facilitate healthy hair growth, help maintain hair texture mass as well as prevent hair breakage. They also maintain the hair of the skin,  making the skin radiant. 

But what if you don’t have the time to track down all these different fruits or what if incorporating them into your diet seems a little daunting? You can get all these fruits in their natural form delivered to your location from the comfort of your home. Our smoothies contain a blend of all these fruits served in their 100% natural form with no preservatives.

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